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Why Are We Told There’s One ‘Right’ Kind of Girl?

So, I was riding in the car this week, listening to the pop music station with my teen girls in tow as we ran errands. Driving along, a new song came on the radio—Daya’s Sit Still, Look Pretty—and I have to admit, I was maddened and disappointed by the lyrics.

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The Jon Filitti Episode?

The Jon Filitti Episode? Yeah, I'm taking the solo approach this week and I bug your eardrums for about 5 minutes. I give a quick update on all things Mindsoak, I give a couple sneak peeks about what's coming up over the next couple of weeks and drone on a bit about...

The Jaime Buckley Episode

Jaime Buckley and I are similar in many ways. We both love writing. We love making comics. We love fantasy and action adventure. We love the idea of self publishing and controlling our work's destiny. And we love raising our 12 kids. Okay, wait, Jaime has 12 kids....

The Veronica and Michael C. Bryan Episode

Talking with Michael C. Bryan on a podcast is always a pleasure. Even though we go back and forth a lot through text (mostly memes of course) it's always great to hear him preach inspiration. But today was an even bigger treat because he introduced me to the wonderful...

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Interesting people doing interesting things.

I find myself spending a lot of time looking at the profiles of the people I follow on Twitter. I came to realize I want to know more about them. More than their short Twitter bio can give me. More than their About Me page on their website. I want to know what makes them tick. I want to know when they the feel most alive. I want to know their story. So I started Mindsoak. Mindsoak is simply a podcast for learning more about interesting people doing interesting things.