ed-kearnsEdward Kearns is an American author, torn between both coasts. Born and raised in Phoenix, he finally grew up in Brooklyn, honing his craft to write his way home. His work has appeared in Spillers, Four Chambers, Carrier Pigeon, Pearl Magazine, Used Gravitrons, By the Overpass, and Having a Whiskey Coke with You.

Ed comes on the podcast to talk writing, being an author and honing his craft. We talk how empathy is the most important aspect of fiction writing, travel writing for websites and the courage it must take to get up in front of an audience and live read your words.

We also have the tangental conversation known to Mindsoak and walk through the journey he and his wife (With friends) embarked on traveling from Europe to NYC in 2006 and through Africa in 2011. We meander through Ed’s favorite tv shows, movies, writers and books and he gives me some advice for where to start reading Hemingway.

You can find collections of Ed’s fiction and essays on edkearns.com, Amazon, and independent bookstores.