edmundIt’s a podcast of firsts today. I was lucky enough to guest host for Jon on this episode of The Mindsoak Project, and it was a new and exciting experience as I’ve never done this before.

When Jon asked me if I’d be interested and if I had someone in mind who I would like to interview, the first person that came to mind was Ed.

Edmund Curran is a Baltimore-based filmmaker who has done and continues to have his hand in, everything when it comes to making a movie. He writes, acts, films, records sound, mixes, directs, and edits. It’s also his very first time being interviewed for his creative work.

We talk about ambition, creativity, what he looks for when telling a visual story, and get into what it really means to be an indie filmmaker. Ed also tells the story behind what got him started and why is he still passionately pursuing making films. There was a lot good information and great insight from someone behind the camera making the movie magic come alive.

I hope you enjoy this conversation between Ed and myself, if so, then please leave a review and rating on iTunes.

– Joe Cardamone

If you’d like to see what Edmund Curran is up to, his projects, and follow his social media then check out the links below:

Website: edmundcurran.com
Videos: vimeo.com/Twelvesteed
Instagram: www.instagram.com/edfortyfive/