There are friends. And then there are FRIENDS.

I met Bart Leavens when I was 6 years old. He became my neighbor. Then my friend. Then my best friend. My mentor. Then my best man. And to this day, he’s the closest thing I could ever have to a brother.

Bart’s the kind of friend, the kind of man, that if you needed anything in the world, he would help you get it. If I called him right now and needed help, he’d be here without hesitation. That’s the kind of person you want in your corner for your entire life.

Bart introduced me to comic books (I tell my wife to blame him for my addiction), mentored me in the ways of being a stand up guy and was there for every step of the way of what I can call a near perfect childhood.

To this day, when we are together my face will hurt from the laughing.

Bart is family.

I’ve done almost 50 episodes on Mindsoak and I hadn’t had him on yet to reminisce about our past. Thank you for the indulgence of letting me go down memory lane and talk about our inane, but wonderful, childhood.

And thank you Bart.

For everything.