Dawn Garcia wears many hats. She’s a journalist, author, screenwriter and editor. I first learned of Dawn through her magazine, ATOD Magazine (which stands for A Taste of Dawn) and knew right away she was someone I wanted to talk to. Dawn also has over 20 years experience in film and TV production, starting with her career as a makeup and special effects artist. She started her writing career after being given positive feedback from the one and only Francis Ford Coppola.

When I think of Dawn I see a “no-holds-barred, experience life to the fullest, find the sexy in everything and don’t ask for permission” maestro who revels in pushing the boundaries of her experiences.

Dawn and I discuss ways in which she’s creative, the courage it takes to be a public persona, her writing methods, how she almost worked as a make up artist on the set of Star Wars and how she doesn’t fear experiencing all the wonders our world has to offer.

I love how Dawn experiences lifestyles, food and culture. She just dives into new experiences and pulls her readers in with her. Her passion is vivacious and it shows in her writing and in the podcast.

I admire all these things about Dawn.

But what I absolutely love about Dawn is her genuineness. She’s all about exploring herself and the human condition. I ask some deep questions about her regrets and feelings of vulnerability. We explore letting go of false beliefs and what she admires about herself.

Dawn’s answers, and her ability to be 100% transparent and humble, take us down some interesting discussion threads on feeling alive, being courageous and silencing self doubt.

I also talk Dawn into coming to Dubuque for a Tri-State foodie and travel assignment! And I nudge my way on to the TV show she is developing.

You can find out more about Dawn at ATOD Magazine, dawngarcia.com and learn about her pop up dinner series, White Lies + Alibis.

You can also follow Dawn on all the social media outlets: Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.