Sarah Aili was born and raised in California and now hails from Nashville, Tennessee. She’s a singer/songwriter who writes and performs songs in a variety of genres from pop, country, bluegrass and folk.

She does the music thing. She goes on tour. She releases albums. She makes music videos.

And she’s pretty damn brilliant at it if you ask me.

During the podcast we begin our conversation by walking through her life, from being conceived while her parents were running a music festival to finding her voice at a young age to packing up her belongings and moving to Nashville to continue her musical adventure.

Sarah and I walk through how her creativity blossomed, how she overcomes performance fear, how she overcame criticism and we breakdown how she creates and writes.

We also talk about creativity and how important it is in all of our lives.

We talk improv and “going with the flow” dancing.

We talk insecurities and how we can free ourselves.

We talk intentional living (which by now you know I am a huge proponent of so it was great to hear someone else talking about it).

We talk being the creator of our own life.

And while Sarah is a wonderful musician where she really shines is being human.

Sarah and I recorded the podcast several days ago, but as I write this I’m still being positively effected by the depth she was willing to take the conversation. I don’t even know if my words can do it justice. Sarah brought a level of understanding and vulnerability to the conversation that blew my mind.

I hope you are inspired by Sarah as much as I was. Just listening to her walk through her aspirations, her beliefs and her hurdles in life is a lesson to all of us to focus on the positive, chip away at our false beliefs and grab life by the horns.

To Sarah: Thank you. That was an incredible marathon podcast. It reshaped what Mindsoak can be. It was beautiful.

Oh, and thanks for hooking me up with your dad…that dude is awesome.

To everyone else, enjoy the podcast. It’s a long one so feel free to pause us, go about your life and then come back when you have more time.

Now go find out more about Sarah by visiting and make sure to follow her on all her social media sites. Make sure grab her album on iTunes and you can also check out more of her songs at SoundCloud.