Paul LemleyPaul Lemley is back!

Since we last talked to Paul on January 13, 2017 he’s taken a business idea from concept to raising venture capital to establishing a development team to prototyping the app to preparing for a beta launch next week. In just three months!


That all seems impossible. But that’s exactly what he did and now we get to hear from him about all the trials and tribulations of navigating the wonderful world of startups and beta apps.

I mention this in the podcast but it’s worth noting here as well, in talking to Paul so many times on the podcast it’s been a wonderful ride listening to him grow in confidence regarding this business idea. (That’s been the plan by the way…see…we aren’t THAT random at Mindsoak.)

We got to hear him initially talk about his “crazy” app idea and then he came on and we talked about how he is thinking about going to potential investors and then we heard from him in another episode about how he thought he most likely had an interested investor to this episode of the podcast where not only does he have investors he’s ready to launch his product.

You can hear his confidence in this idea grow through each episode and I couldn’t be happier for the guy.

His app, Hivecast, is putting broadcasting events into the hands of anyone who owns a phone. It’s such a simple, yet elegant premise. Say you’re at an event, it could be a concert, a political rally, a lecture at a college or your niece’s birthday party. One person, the producer can invite several other “camera operators” to the app and stream the event live. The producer can then choose which camera is being seen at any given time, much like a football game does on one of the major networks.

It’s brilliant!

If you’re interested in startups, technology, investors, creating a positive culture or a MVP (minimal viable product) this is the episode for you.

Or if you just love Paul. Then you should also listen to this episode.

If you’re interested in being a beta tester (or just want to be informed of updates for Hivecast) simply go to and sign up on their homepage. You can also check them out on all the social media sites; Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Thanks Paul! Good luck to you and your team next week!

Here’s a quick demo of some of the capabilities of Hivecast: