Jessica Reino

Jessica Reino


It’s a great time to reflect on the upcoming winter holiday season.

The way this year has gone, we all could use some holiday cheer and well wishes, but, more importantly, we all could benefit from spreading a little kindness.

There are consequences to spreading kindness. It spreads and it grows. It has the power to transform thoughts and to restore hope and faith in humanity. Even the smallest, kind gesture has the power to change someone’s day for the better. It can bring out a smile and smiles themselves can become infectious.

Photograph via Annie Spratt

Recently, I was going through my Facebook feed and noticed that there were a bunch of posts from people in my town thanking the man or woman who paid for their coffee at the drive-through with a promise to pay it forward. This stood out to me because I realized that I had seen a similar post before. In fact, I had seen several of these posts and all promised to return the favor or some other kind gesture.

Something so small can make a huge impact and it impacted strangers no less.

Just think what spreading a little kindness can do if it is dispersed among neighbors, friends and family. Maybe this means letting a car go ahead of you on the road. Maybe it means giving a smile or a wave, checking in on an elderly neighbor who could use an extra hand, or putting down the smart phones and looking your family members in the eye and asking about their day; really asking and listening to what they have to say. These are just a few examples and I would be very interested to hear any ideas or experiences others may have.

Photograph via Annie Spratt

Spreading kindness should not just be during the winter holidays. It should be every day. Our actions have consequences and just think what amazing consequences could come from a little kindness.

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