EdgeOfHappinessPHOTOHappiness is important. It’s everything really. Without it…well what the hell are we doing if we aren’t striving for happiness. It’s what makes us feel most alive.

For today’s Mindsoak episode I’ve got something a little different. I know I’ve been playing around with the format a bit and have been enjoying that quite a bit…but this episode is actually an honest to goodness promotion of an upcoming event which I’m excited to share with you.

Getting to know Michael C. Bryan over the last month or so has been a blast. His energy and positivity are uncontainable. But I’ve already said enough good stuff about him already so I’ll skip over it here.1

But today I got to talk with Dr. David Sitt for the very first time. David is licensed clinical psychologist in New York City, founder and President of the Mindful Consulting Group and CEO of Edgycation. Line up the same adjectives I used for Michael and pass them out to David. Inspiring? Check. Engaging? Check. Positively enchanting? Check.

Why have them on together? Well, Michael and David met at some point, hit it off, combined their efforts and are now putting on a seriously amazing seminar on May 19th, 2016. I dig these guys so much I wanted to take a brief pause in regular programming and get them on for a quick 25 minute promotional podcast and learn more about the event and their team-up.

The event is called Edge of Happiness and is taking place in New York. Unfortunately I can’t make it. But maybe you can if you live nearby.

What’s it about? Well, answer me this question first. Are you miserable at your job? Unfulfilled in your relationship? Worried about your future? There’s no way you can expect to be happy if you don’t answer these questions.

Michael and David are going to combine exercises from positive psychology, mindfulness training and cutting edge tools used in Fortune 500 companies, to provide you with the skills necessary for success in today’s fast paced world. You’ll learn everything you need to become happier inside and out.

How’s that for a seminar?! Yea…I know, I’ve never been to one like that either.

So take a listen to these two guys, get a sense of what it’s going to be all about and then let me know if you want to travel to New York with me on May 19th. We can share the plane ticket. I’ll sit on your lap.

To find out more about Michael visit www.mcbhappier.com or follow him on the following social media platforms on Twitter at @MCBHappier, Instagram at @mcbhappier and Facebook at www.facebook.com/namastebmichaelbryan.

To find out more about David visit www.drsitt.com or follow him on the following social media platforms on Twitter at @EdgycationNYC, Instagram at @edgycation and Facebook at www.facebook.com/edgycation.

SHOW NOTES: During the show there were some difficulties with the connection. It’s not too bad, but it’s there and you’ll notice. It seems in order to have a three-way call over wi-fi the planets must align perfectly and a butterfly better not sneeze.

Also, there are times when it seems Michael is cutting off David. That’s not because Michael’s a jerk..it’s because he had a better connection, thus his audio never stuttered. So during my editing I had to cut right to him when David was cutting out.

  1. But if you’re really interested in seeing what I said about him you can go read this and this