Igor-400x400Today’s podcast is with Igor Holas from Mentegram. Mentegram is a wonderful program which has been developed by Igor, his cofounder Milan Steskal and their team, which assists therapists and clients in tracking progress in therapy.

Mentegram describes their service this way:

“We believe in a future where the work of psychotherapists is complemented, and improved by technological innovation. Innovators like Edison, da Vinci, Bell and many others are responsible for the world that we know. A world that is better. We want to bring innovation into studying and understanding human behavior, experiences, and well being. Let us move towards a future, where clients’ progress is measured well, compared to others, and used to tailor the therapy to the client’s more relevant and important needs.”

Yeah…pretty cool stuff. Full disclosure, I use Mentegram in my private practice. I love it. I pay for it. It’s been great. That’s why I needed to sit down with Igor and hear how Mentegram came to be. I sat down with Igor to discuss the motivation behind creating Mentegram, his story of arriving in the United States as a college student and we also meander in to the topic territory of productivity.  Make sure to check out Mentegram and to learn more about Igor follow him on Twitter @igorholas.

*There are a couple times in the podcast where the audio got a little fuzzy. Sorry about that. It’s not too bad, but it’s there. Blame me…