And here we go…

Today is the day I launch the Mindsoak podcast to the world. I’m both excited and a little nervous. If you’ve ever thrown out anything creative in to the world (you have, trust me) you know it’s a little intimidating to say “Go!” In my case, to hit the big blue button which reads “Publish”.

I came up with the name Mindsoak a long, long time ago. It just hit me one day as a funny idea of our minds being able to soak and relax. Like a foot soak, but for your brain. I guess it works the other way too. I guess another goal I have for the podcast is that the listeners can soak up inspiring stories and new ideas from the guests I bring on. I know I am soaking up everything I can from them so far.

With any kind of show like this, I do know that it’s going to take time to develop and grow in to what it eventually becomes. I might have set out for one set of goals, only to realize, midstream, that there are better goals to go after. I know the first episode 20 will be far better than episode 1. It damn well better be.

And that’s not to say the guests will be better…this is all on me. The questions I ask, the way I conduct the flow of the discussion and even the way I record the introductions and mix the audio…that’s all on me.  And I’m kinda really liking it.

Like the front page suggests, this is the Mindsoak Project. It’s an experiment. I love conversation with fascinating people. I love podcasting. I love having a project. But it is just that. A project. So I know I will fail, get better, fail and get better some more.

And that’s what excites me.

This update page will be used just for that…updates. Pretty unedited, quickly written updates on the site and the podcast. I purposefully did not call it a Blog, because you will get enough of ideas in the episodes. But from time to time I will need to update anyone who is interested (Hi Mom!) about all things related to Mindsoak.

So without further ado….I hope you enjoy.

P.S. If you think you’re interesting (you are) and think you’re story would make for a kick ass podcast, hit me up and let’s chat about it.