Adam Ivy is a man of many talents. As I learned more about Adam I needed to have him on to talk about productivity and entrepreneurship. Reading about Adam’s story intrigued me to no end. He relentlessly pursues creating genuine content and brands.

And I needed to know how he was able to remain at such a high level of productivity with the variety of roles he plays throughout the day.

On one hand Adam’s a music producer creating and selling music beats online. He’s an award winning creative marketing specialist. He’s launched an athletic apparel line and created a unique and distinct brand. He’s a YouTube personality. And he’s from Wisconsin.

And he’s a good dude.

We start the episode by talking about his entrepreneurial start at the age of 23. How he turned $800 into a six figure income by producing beats for other musicians to purchase online.

Adam is a big supporter of taking “calculated risks”. We discuss how he took a leap of faith and moved from Wisconsin to Florida to fulfill his dream and take the next step. How he believed in himself and knew he needed to continuously challenge his comfort level in order to take his businesses and life to the next level.

Adam discusses what it takes to have the courage to create, both audio and video, and the productivity skills necessary to keep driving towards your goals.

It was great to hear the story of how Adam created his apparel line Jusbi. Creating a clothing line is no simple task and getting to pull the curtain back on his productivity and the challenges he faced to launch a business in which he didn’t have any prior experience.

We also got into some of his suggestions about fitness and nutrition and how he keeps his productivity up in the gym and in the kitchen. I always love hearing about someone’s workout routine so it was a good time discussing all of this with Adam. I will keep true to my word to have him back on again to discuss more about nutrition and fitness.

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