Hello, Jon here. Today is going to be forever known as Veronica Day. (Sorry Dad, I know it’s your birthday today, but Veronica gets it.) Why is today Veronica Day? Because we’re releasing her essay (below) and her second episode of the podcast!

Today we are also announcing Veronica’s brand new, glittery podcast; The New York Import! She’ll be interviewing people, like herself, who imported to New York and we’ll learn all about their trials, tribulations and experiences. Listen to the podcast to hear more about The New York Import podcast! So without further ado…here’s Veronica. Make sure to scroll to the bottom if you want to listen to her episode!

New Year’s Eve has always been my favorite day of the year, and the subsequent weeks always find me on a particularly nefarious high. I feel emboldened and exhilarated- in the way only true change can make you feel.

The turning of a new chapter is always something to be celebrated, and the dawn of a new year gives us the chance to do so right alongside our comrades in arms, accompanied by all the sparkle, glitter, and kisses we can find.

It’s because of such spirit and fanfare that I decided many years ago to forego the customary setting of a new year’s resolution. That’s right. I am resolute to the ride- the beautiful, intangible perfection of the journey. Yes, of course, I have daily goals that I am unwaveringly committed to. More so than that, though, I am committed and opened of mind to the expansion that comes which such a big turning point as a new year.

We are all riding high on such great, forward-thinking momentum, and I choose this time of year to listen to my heart and let myself be guided by the magic that surrounds this season of uplift and focus.


Speaking for myself, these days are a perfect time to acknowledge all of the change and evolution that has gone on over the previous months. New friends, new hobbies, new loves- all thanks to the ever-winding ride that is life. Reflecting back on any moments originally perceived as “missteps” that can now be seen clearly, and often celebrated for all of the wondrous- once unforeseen- greatness that has birthed from them.

I am thankful for loved ones and advocates for their continued support, because whether it’s the family we chose or the family we were born with, they have all come into our experience for a reason and have contributed more than we sometimes realize. And take the time to celebrate even the smallest of victories, for they all have such a profound place in the story of our lives.

I suppose if there is anything I can say in regards to the subject of resolutions, it would be this: please be kind to yourself, no matter what the outcome of your chosen resolution might be.

Because negative drive is incompatible with positive results, and too often people are excessively hard on themselves.

Yes, live a decisive life. Yes, by all means, honor thy commitments. You should also be gentle with yourself and allow for the passing of a new year to bring with it unanticipated growth and goals. Know that every moment in your life is a chance to reinvent yourself.

After all, we are always on our path- as my fairy godfather and dear Mindsoak colleague would say- and at any given moment it is your great privilege to deviate from the “plan” in favor of honoring a higher calling that may be beckoning from within.

Because what is the “plan” anyway, if not to follow your heart and live your fullest life? What is the point, if we cannot heed the call of our spirit and enjoy the deliciousness of disruption and reinvention? Trust yourself to go with your gut. Who knows…your inner voice/source/angel might just have a grander plan in store for you yet.

Either way, I’ll see you at spin class tomorrow. Because let’s face it- that leftover case of champagne isn’t going to drink itself. And we are all allowed to revel in being beautiful, evolving renegades- simultaneous masterpieces and works in progress.