SarahKStephensAnd she’s back. Sarah K. Stephens returns for another episode of Psychobabble on the Mindsoak Podcast. This marks the second Psychobabble episode and the third time Sarah has come on the podcast to discuss all things psychology, development and parenting.

In this episode we dive in to parenting with online safety in mind and the negative effects of online pornography on healthy sexuality and relationships. Both Sarah and I discuss sexuality with clients and students on a daily basis. You know, because sexuality is a part of everyone’s life. So even though the conversation is about sex, it’s not awkward. Trust me.

Hopefully you will get some new ideas, new tips and an understanding about how to be a more effective parent while working through these issues of online safety and pornography. And remember, Sarah and I definitely have strong opinions about all these topics but they are just opinions. I know this sounds very liability-ish, and it is, but more importantly it’s a reminder that our opinions don’t represent everyone or every situation. If it sounds like some of our opinions won’t work in your family then don’t try them.

Here are some links we reference in the podcast:

Sarah’s essay titled “Why Are We Told There’s One ‘Right’ Kind of Girl?”

Another essay by Sarah titled “Brave New World: Parental Monitoring in the Age of Social Media”.

Sarah references a book by Peggy Orenstein called “Girls & Sex: Navigating the Complicated New Landscape”. A must read.

And let me not forget! Sarah’s debut novel, A Flash of Red is set to release on December 13th! Boom!