alisseleegoldenbergAuthor. Screen writer. Playwright. Oh, and mother of 5 year old triplets. These are just some of the ways you can describe Alisse Lee Goldenberg. I had the pleasure of sitting down with Alisse and exploring when she tapped in to her creativity at a young age, how it was encouraged (and in some cases discouraged), how she continued to explore her creativity, how she became so productive and her plans for her future.

Alisse explores handling rejection, both from teachers and from publishers and how she managed to survive the gauntlet of the first several rejection letters. She also hands out of some great advice to would be authors, exploring the reasons to keep going and believing in yourself and your creativity. She also let me explore, something I am fascinated by for some reason, how she establishes a creative space to get all her goals accomplished.

Alisse has published 6 books in the last 4 years and that doesn’t include her short stories or her work on a children’s show and on stage. That’s a pretty amazing level of output and she’s not even close to being done. She has a multi-book deal to continue publishing her “Sitnalta” series and is currently working on books four and five of the series.

As always, make sure to follow Alisse on Twitter @AliLGoldenberg so you’re always up to date on what she is releasing. You should also check out her website and her author page on Amazon, where you will find all her books!