ctimm_536_rt_1_webI “met” Caroline Timm in “1947”. “Met” is in quotes because it was just through Twitter and “1947” is in quotes because it was probably more like 2014. But I digress, it seems like it was a long time ago and it seems like we actually met.

Caroline was my first Twitter rant cohort. We went back and forth on parenting and what not and I had a blast. The back and forth kept up for some time and it was always a pleasure to get a response from her on Twitter after I made some lame attempt at a joke.

And then she went dark.

Off Twitter.

For a long time.

So it’s with some kicking and screaming that I pulled her into this podcast interview to catch up, talk about everything she’s accomplished (a lot) and see where she’s headed. And I got her to commit to Twitter (it will probably last two days) and to come on a second time down the road. I consider all of this a success.

Caroline is a mother, an actor, a teacher and director. I guarantee you’ve seen her in a commercial or two and will most likely see her on a screen somewhere in the future. We talk about her ability to juggle motherhood while still being creative and artistic and continuing to explore her dreams while she does the parent thing.

On top of that she started the Portland Drama Club and talks about the joys of teaching young (and I mean young!) kids about acting, growing their confidence with each practice and each performance. I can only imagine how great it is for all those kids to be under her direction and I’m a little jealous the little crappers get to participate while my kids are 2,000 miles away. Just kidding little crappers, you guys are the best!

She’s also a must follow on Twitter, so head over and make sure to hit the follow button. Also make sure to check out her reels and some news related items at carolinetimm.com.

A quick editors note: The sound issues are my fault. You’ll hear a low humming in the background which is a fan I failed to turn off. You might not have noticed it, but it drove me nuts when I played the episode back. Also, my head cold was at an all time level of horribleness so I sound miserable. And, on top of all of that, sometimes I get too close to the mic and you hear my swallowing. Yeah. Nice. But Caroline is great even with all the turds I was throwing…