michaelcbryanSo I had Michael back on the show.

And gave him complete freedom to ask me questions and steer the direction of the podcast.

And to hold me accountable and challenge any of my shallow answers.

To take a deep dive in to when I feel most alive and how I can increase my happiness.

And boy did he dive in.

Backflips and all.1

Michael inspired often. And I let go and answered as honestly as I could…and then even more honestly after a couple more prompts from Michael.

It felt vulnerable. But not difficult. It took effort, but felt effortless. It was enjoyable. It was freeing.

The hope of this episode, and all future episodes with Michael, is for the listener to hear the dialogue, to hear the desire for more happiness and apply this process to their own lives.

To enrich yourself by learning from others.

Future episodes with Michael will revolve around other guests2 who will be taken down a similar path of exploration. Some guests will be named. Some will remain anonymous. But all will inspire us to live a happier and freer life.

And that’s my money back guarantee 🙂

To find out more about Michael visit www.mcbhappier.com or follow him on the following social media platforms on Twitter at @MCBHappier, Instagram at @mcbhappier and Facebook at www.facebook.com/namastebmichaelbryan.

  1. At least that’s the way I picture Michael diving in to anything :) 

  2. I tapped out already…