michaelcbryanSometimes you get done with a conversation and you realize that your mind was just blown. That’s the conversation and experience I had with Michael C. Bryan.

Michael is a “success coach” for fortune 500 executives, thriving creatives in all fields and business owners. He works at guiding people to a feeling of peace and ease and a sense of purpose and meaning in their work. The core of his work is helping people identify and listen to their inner voice, their gut feeling.

And oh boy, I bet his success rate is high. Because I walked away from the conversation rejuvenated and inspired.

Being a therapist myself, Michael and I quickly align ourselves with the idea that we live in a world which the majority of time focuses too much on the problems and too little on the solutions that are staring us right in the face.

One of my favorite pull quotes from this interview is when Michael announces “people’s deepest fears are their greatest strengths.”

Think of that quote for a moment. At face value it doesn’t seem to make sense. But when we peel back the layers a little more it’s the foundation for all the success we have in life.

For example, maybe someone considers themselves as having poor self-esteem. Well, society would tell us that is a problem that needs to be fixed. In all honesty I would most likely try to help someone alleviate this “weakness” in therapy.

Michael’s point is well made and considers that most likely this person is also extremely empathetic, a great listener and humble. We discuss other examples of this in the episode and it’s a belief which will continue to reverberate in my mind.

Michael also gives some real world examples and techniques you can utilize to start every day by setting up an “emotional set point”. After listening to his suggestions I’m sure you will, like me, take Michael up on his seven day challenge.

It is with great pleasure and great inspiration that I release this Michael’s episode. I hope you find as much inspiration and meaning in Michael’s words as I do.

To find out more about Michael visit www.mcbhappier.com or follow him on the following social media platforms on Twitter at @MCBHappier, Instagram at @mcbhappier and Facebook at www.facebook.com/namastebmichaelbryan.