the-michael-c-bryan-hour-photoLooming (adjective) – of something unwanted or unpleasant about to happen soon and causing worry.

Luminescence (noun) – the light so emitted.

Howdy, Michael C. Bryan here and welcome to the debut of The Michael C. Bryan Hour- where nothing is taboo. Big thanks to the magnificent Mr. Jon Filitti for giving us a warm home. Disclaimer: things might get provocative. Discretion is advised.

I always think I know where a podcast is going to go, and like the great Marc Maron said, on-air conversations never go the way I want them to go, but in the way they’re fated to go. Like life. I know fated is a rather dramatic word, but I don’t know any other way of being. I mean, my cover photo for The Michael C. Bryan Hour is of me wearing a fake fur with my mane of unruly hair flayed out like Farrah Fawcett. The true circumstances of how that photo was taken is a perfect pivot point for my briefly telling you about why the podcast you’re about to hear is from another world.

And here is the fun part: I had no idea when I put my fingers on the keyboard to write this little intro as to what I was going to write, and then into my mind came the thought “Tell the true tale behind the taking of that fabulous photo” and then the next thought was “Because it will illustrate to readers why you put the definition of those two words at the top”.

Where did those thoughts come from?  Ah, that’s the question, isn’t it?

On the night the photo of me was taken (the one of me in the fur), I was in a terrible state.  I had too much wine.  I was distraught.  Nothing was working out for me in my career, and at the moment I didn’t have a lover.  I was at a dear friends house and I said, “Oh, fuck it” and let go of everything that was bogging me down, grabbed my friends fake fur, laid down on her kitchen floor and snap, snap, snap.

As you listen to the podcast where Nasejje beautifully articulates what she knows is holding her back from feeling what we all want to feel (which is the feeling of peace and freedom and joy), she touches on the deepest of human truths: the very belief we cling to that makes us feel like crap, is the very belief that serves us with the perfect launching pad for our own greatness.

In the podcast, the movement from the feeling of looming to luminesce is startling and swift. It took both myself and Nasejje by surprise.  We have a choice every moment to either open our hearts and feel peace no matter what is going on in our lives, or not.  The really interesting thing is learning to do that while in the midst of what we feel is our worst of times, only to realize our desire for what we want can only be born from those worst of times. That Dickens guy was onto something.

Enjoy the podcast, and while I told her this, Nasejje I want to tell you again: you are sublime. We at Mindsoak and The Michael C. Bryan Hour can’t thank your badass enough for being so brave and honest. You’re a star, baby.