ollie-aplin For quite some time I’ve had the desire to create a journal for my own productivity and intentional living. If you’ve listened to the podcast before you’ve heard me mention it. There is nothing on the market like I wanted and so I decided to create one myself, call it the Mindsoak Daily Journal, use it for a while and then see about releasing it to the masses.

Then one day I was going through Instagram and came upon an advertisement for something called “Mind Journal”. My jaw dropped and I quickly clicked on the link to see who the son of a bleep was who stole my idea.

It was then I was first introduced to this Ollie Aplin fellow. He seemed nice enough from his picture, but I still wasn’t sold. Then I started seeing the images of the journal and I fell in love with the design and the idea of Mind Journal.

I hastily pulled up his website, found the Contact Me section and wrote out an email basically saying, “I had a similar idea, you got to it first, your design is beautiful, I am so happy this product exists and I want you to come on the podcast.”

I hit send and figured I’d never hear from him.

But I did. And Ollie was wonderful. And we got on the phone and talked about the journals and what we wanted in a journal. What we liked about good design. And what we want from life. And we clicked. And then Ollie was nice enough to send me a Mind Journal. And I unboxed it. And I was in awe of his design and product presentation. And I walked around showing everyone how amazing it was. And then we recorded a conversation for the podcast.

And Ollie was as brilliant as his journal.

“I’m just a normal guy, that’s just been through some stuff.” -Ollie Aplin

We discuss why he had the idea for creating a journal that did not exist. Ollie is a graphic designer by day so when you see the Mind Journal you are going to want to sleep in it. It’s so comfortable and welcoming and beautiful.

He explains coping with the loss of his mother to suicide as a young man. How he initially coped with the grieving and what lead him to exploring therapy and journaling. And what success he had doing both. Since Ollie says it better than I ever could, here is a video summing up his journey and the creation of the Mind Journal.

So, if you want this same level of exploration in your journaling go pick up the Mind Journal. You won’t regret it.

You can purchase the Mind Journal at www.mindjournals.com. You can learn more about Ollie on Twitter at @OllieAplin_, on Instagram at @ollieaplin. You can also follow Mind Journal on Twitter at @mindjournals_.

Thank you again Ollie…I owe you a journal my brother!