Paul comes back on to catch us up on his startup, ask some questions regarding the state of Mindsoak and talk about fatherhood.

I release some news about Mindsoak ideas that are in the hopper. I’m looking to start recording one of them, serial episodes with Michael C. Bryan this Friday and will be looking to release it on the following Monday. I’m going to let Michael tear in to me (I think) so it will be an interesting experiment in vulnerability.

Paul and I will continue to push content 3 to 4 times a month as his business continues to grow and we continue to enjoy discussing various topics. I’m excited he’s moving back to my part of the world soon so we can start doing podcasts in the same room. It will feel more like our long talks on my deck.

Speaking of long talks on my back deck, our conversation for this episode is as tangent ridden (and I mean that in a good way) as the talks which take place on my back deck.

Paul, who isn’t a father yet, asks me, a father of two, about parenting. Specifically, how I think the content I create (blog posts, books, podcasts, etc.) will be viewed by my children in the future.

This leads us to a conversation about legacy, what we may keep for our children (and grandchildren) so they can have a taste of what our life was like and what perspectives we may have at this juncture in our lives.

We go a little morbid and talk about our legacy when we die. For instance, I’ve never thought how recording all these podcast episodes will allow my children (as adults…hopefully) and grandchildren listen to me and hear my voice, long after I’m gone.

I would give anything to listen to any one of my grandparents on a podcast. If someone walked in today and dumped a bunch of recordings in my lap and said, “Hey, your grandpa recorded these when he was 40 years old” I’d be beyond over the moon to listen. Can you imagine how amazing that would be?

This idea of my putting my thoughts and perspectives down on a podcast for my ancestors who will follow has dramatically changed the way I look at recording them now.

Paul and I also meander into the topic of parenting teenagers who are using social media and our thoughts on how to handle certain situations. We both have some “soapbox” moments which is both enlightening and humorous.

To learn more about Paul, check out his website