Deek and Erin Rhew.How appropriate that the week after Valentine’s Day I got to sit down with Erin and Deek Rhew, a husband and wife tandem looking forward to the “Rhewnation” of the civilized world. Erin is the young adult author of the trilogy, The Fulfillment Series, which includes the books The Prophecy, The Outlanders and The Fulfillment. Deek is the author of Birth of an American Gigolo and is currently working on his next title “122 Rules”.

Erin and Deek talk about how they met one another from across country (Awww!), what it’s like to be married and working with each other as writing partners and they both give us insight into their writing style, their works of fiction and their characters. It was fun hearing about their different writing styles and their tips for writing productivity, which may or may not include their cat. It’s apparent they enjoy working side by side and their passion for their writing is contagious.

Working together Erin and Deek are looking forward to the Rhewnation, an event you can follow by checking out their Twitter profiles; @ErinRhewBooks and @DeekRhewBooks or by visiting their websites at and

Oh…and I call my wife a “crazy cat lady” while recording. And it hasn’t come back to bite me…yet.