Andy Kelso came on the show to give us a taste of the life of a broadway actor. He’s performed in Kinky Boots (that’s Tony Award Winner Kinky Boots to you…), Rent, Fiddler on the Roof, Mamma Mia and Wicked and he starred in the Amazon show “Good Girls Revolt”. We talk about when he realized he wanted to be a performer, handling rejection in a job that is constantly doling it out, the challenges of raising a family while being an actor and the bond that is formed in a cast through a show and how difficult it is to part ways after the show has closed. Andy also gives advice for budding actors, talks about his favorite roles and discusses he greatest challenges in life.

I loved talking to Andy despite his love of the Denver Broncos (if you don’t know I’m a Patriots fan), but I have to say even I was impressed with this performance in front of 75,000 people:

But that performance pales in comparison to this one…his most important performance ever:

To learn more about Andy visit his website at, on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.